“MY mouldy house is making me sick’ says a desperate Bangor woman appealing to a housing association to allow her to move.

Laura Lloyd, 33, of Llys Dyfrig, Maesgeirchen, says she has to sleep on a mattress in her living room, because her bedroom is so damp it is making her ill.

Laura claims her two bedroomed ground floor flat, which is rented to her by the Coed Mawr based Cartrefi Cymunudol Gwynedd, has been a problem since she moved in six years ago.

And now she is calling on the housing authority to re house her – but she says they are refusing because she is £300 in arrears on her rent.

However, Laura claims, the sum she owes is less than the amount of money she has spent during her time at the property, replacing rugs, carpets and bedding.

“The damp just gets into everything, it’s not fit to live in. I cough and cough, and have had chest problems. I have had to throw so many things away,” she said.

Laura who lives on benefits says I only have £100 a fortnight to live on, they want me to pay £5 a week to pay off the arrears before they will even consider letting me move, but I don’t see why I should have to stay in these conditions.

“I want them to move me somehere else, I’m desperate, and it’s making me ill living in these conditions. I feel so desperat, I have even thought about chaining myself to the front of CCG, until someone listens to me.”

A spokesperson for Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd said: “We are aware of the issues at this flat and have been trying to work with the tenant since February to get them resolved.

“Our contractor however has been unable to gain access to the property despite numerous attempts. We will make attempts again to contact Miss Lloyd to try and gain access to complete the recommended work.”