A teenager threatened his mum with a knife during a row in the middle of a packed Cafe in Caernarfon.

The boy, left customers of Caffi Maes “terrified” when he flew into a rage after rowing with his mother and support workers on the afternoon of Saturday, April 15.

After the youngster had set off the cafe’s fire alarm and vandalised one of the tables with the knife, one of the chefs at the establishment, Bryn Jones, helped restrain him and an off-duty police officer then managed to get the knife out of his hand.

The boy then ran outside, tried to demand a hammer from a nearby workman and started to throw stones at a vehicle. He was then arrested by police.

Cafe owner, Tudor Hughes, who has ran the business for ten years, was not there at the time of the row but took the decision to shut the cafe three hours early after his wife and other staff members told him of the disruption that the boy had caused.

“We lost hundreds of pounds worth of takings on one of our busiest days of the Bank Holiday weekend.

“I have a duty of care for my staff and customers and I’m very angry that they were put in this dangerous situation.”

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: “We can confirm that a male has been interviewed in connection with the incident at Caffi Maes. However, he has since been released under investigation.”