A Gwynedd man was jailed yesterday for 16 months after admitting that he inflicted grievous bodily harm to his partner’s 70-year-old mother and assaulted her grandson of 19. Judge David Hale at Caernarfon crown court said Justin Ellis, 42, grabbed her wrist so hard he caused “awful skin injuries.” The judge told him :”The skin came away from her arm. It’s a really unpleasant injury.” Defence barrister Jonathan Austin said Ellis was unable to discuss the offence because of his remorse and embarrassment. He had post-traumatic stress after a “dreadful” time in the army and was on medication. Judge Hale remarked that he drank six cans of cider. “On this night he was out of control because he drank when he knew he shouldn’t,” the judge said. The court heard Ellis was a “Jekyll and Hyde” character who changed when he had a drink. At an earlier hearing magistrates were told a trail of blood had led from the upstairs flat of pensioner Alwen Jones in Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, to the lower flat of Ellis. Ellis had punched Liam Jones in the face. The prosecution said Alwen Jones intervened and it was then that she was attacked. Judge Hale told Ellis :”I accept that you have mental health problems. I am prepared to accept they in large part stemmed from what happened to you when you joined the army.” But he knew he shouldn’t drink when taking medication. He was not in control through his own fault.