THE remarkable story of one of Britain’s most iconic bands rocked its Llandudno debut on Tuesday night (February 14).

The show went down a storm on its opening night transporting the audience back to the swinging sixties to one of the most recognisable decades in British music history and into the lives of The Kinks.

Following the four ordinary lads from North London, through the eyes of band leader Ray Davies played by the gifted Ryan O’Donnell, the audience is given an insight into the highs and lows of the band and how they battled becoming famous, their infamous American tour right up to the release of their hit song Sunny Afternoon in June 1966.

It’s rare to see a cast who are so multi-talented, the ability to act and sing whilst playing an instrument doesn’t come easy to many but they made it look so simple, with many also taking on dual roles – giving the illusion that the cast was larger than it was.

With plenty of drama, sublime musicianship and ingenious storytelling written by Ray Davies himself, Sunny Afternoon isn’t just a run of the some of The Kinks classic songs but a story with a meaning with hits produced by the band flowing seamlessly into the plot.

One key moment in the show was a stunning a capella rendition of Days, where you could of heard a pin drop in the audience. 

The show also featured songs such as All Day and All of the Night, Dead End Street, Tired of Waiting For You and Lola. 

The staging was cleverly designed to look like the inside of a typical 1960s studio with a section of stage for the cast to come out into the audience to make them feel that they were part of the story from the beginning.

A lot of the comedy is provided by Dave Davies, Ray's brother played by Mark Newnham, who received plenty of laughs from the audience even in some of the most tense scenes.

The West End sensational show recieved a well deserved standing ovation on its first night in Llandudno.

It is a must see for hardcore Kinks fans and keen-theatergoers but also for those who just appreciate good live music and a insightful storyline.

Sunny Afternoon will be in Venue Cymru until Saturday, February 18. Phone the box office on 01492 872000 or visit online at for tickets.