THE future looks bright for a rare turtle washed up on an Anglesey shore last November.

Menai the turtle survived against the odds thanks to the care of staff at the Anglesey Sea Zoo and the Royal Veterinary College, London.

Recently, Menai was taken from Anglesey to the RVC Hawkshead Campus in Hertfordshire, where she was sedated for a CT scan.

The turtle was originally found in a “cold stunned state,” but continues to improve and is feeding well and gaining weight.

Since being returned to the correct temperature in her tank, Menai has had buoyancy issues which prevent her from diving. 

A CT scan helped establish the cause of her problem and how soon she can be flown abroad for re-release.

Director of Anglesey Sea Zoo Franki Hobro says: “The results of the scan showed Menai has no unexpected serious underlying medical issues and is in good health other than the lung damage.

”We are now looking forward to planning the next steps towards her full recovery on the journey to get her returned to the wild."

Menai is the first Olive Ridley turtle found in the UK since records began in 1748.