The City of Bangor was given the chance to see one of the 2016 X Factor finalists perform over the weekend.

Infamous rapper Honey G was invited to Peep Nightclub on Saturday night to get on stage and put on a live show for the people in the club.

The 35 year-old from Harrow, North West London, kicked off the show at midnight and continued performing into the early hours of the morning.

Tickets to the show were price at £4 and hundreds of people attended the event. Responses towards her were mostly positive, however, some boo's were heard in the crowd every so often.

During her time on the X Factor, she was criticised for being a novelty act and received a lot of abuse on social media for being saved by the judges week after week and sending "better" acts than herself home.

According to Honey G's Twitter, her next ventures will include performing at clubs in Lincoln and Swansea.

She had this message for her fans before her performance at Peep on Saturday ...