THE father of little Logan Sellers has spoken out at how “proud” he is of his son who has undergone months of gruelling cancer therapy. James Sellers says despite an “emotional” start, eight year old Logan has returned to school with “a smile” on his face. Logan, who is a pupil at Tregarth School, has just got back from a gruelling 10-week trip to America for proton therapy - a high tech cancer treatment. He was diagnosed with rhabdomysarcoma, a rare tumour which threatened to destroy his sight and ultimately take his life, after his right eye started swelling last September.  He underwent many months of tests, treatments and chemotherapy before jetting off for the pioneering treatment in Jacksonville, Florida. On arriving back into the UK, last Tuesday, January 10, he immediately had to have more chemotherapy on Thursday, January 12, in Manchester. After a quick hello at school on Monday, January 16, he was able to start back at school on Tuesday January 17. “Logan was very unsure as to what school life would be like upon his return, we had tears on the Monday at the thought of a quick visit to discuss his return to school,” said James of Cae Gwigin, Tal Y Bont. “Logan is a very emotional little boy since his treatment began, it’s as if sometimes he just has enough and breaks down. His main worry and concern about returning to school was because he’d been away for so long, he thought his friends would no longer be friends with him.“ "After a quick visit on Monday, Logan was reassured that school and his friends was eager to see him, and so on Tuesday he walked back in to school with a smile. "I'm so proud and happy to see Logan undergo some sort of normality in his roller coaster life. Hopefully school is his first step to independence, since his diagnosis and first treatment, back in September, Logan has not wanted to leave my side.” One of Logan’s teachers, Mrs Llinos Williams. said: “Logan and his twin sister Francheska - who has been by his side throughout his ordeal - had been "welcomed back" by the children. “We are all so happy to see Logan again, and his twin Francheska, he is a very bright little boy. The children have all been very supportive.”