The first outdoor laundrette in North Wales has opened in Bangor.

Two washing machines and a dryer outside Texaco petrol station on Beach Road offer large washes for £8, small washes for £4 and drying facilities for £2.

Texaco manager, Sybil Moreton said: “There aren’t a massive amount of places to do your washing in the area and we benefit from good parking facilities so people can bring a few loads with them.”

The 24 hour machines which are lit up at night, have seen a wide range of users from students to older people.

Mrs Moreton said: “The machines tell you exactly how many minutes it takes to do the wash so some people go off for a drink or do their shopping while others get a coffee from inside the station and sit and wait for their washing in their car.”

The machines which come with liquid and fabric softener included in the price, are locked until they finish their cycle and the area is also monitored by CCTV.

Since being installed four weeks ago, public reaction has been mixed.

“Some think it’s a great idea and others think it’s absolutely rubbish.” Mrs Moreton said. “I think it’s just a case of people getting used to it.”