DIRTY dogs are making villagers’ lives a misery and may be putting children at risk of illness they say.

Angry residents and councillors in Penisarwaun have had enough of dog owners who allow their four-legged friends to foul their streets and gathered outside Ysgol Gymuned Penisarwaun to show their concern.

A campaign was launched a year ago to raise awareness, but now local councillors are stepping up efforts.

Jonathan Neale of Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns clean-up team is warning perpetrators that if they are caught they could face an on the spot fine of £100.

According to Cllr Hefin Williams: “It’s been an ongoing problem in Penisarwaun, it’s by the bus stop, inside the bus stop, along the main road, close to the school near a dog mess bin.”

Carolyn Jones, of nearby Bryn Tyrion, said: “It’s disgusting. I’m totally fed up of it on my doorstep, I have had to clear it up myself. It makes me sick.”

Ann Evans, who lives at Llys Y Gwynt, said “It’s regularly in front of my home, all along the main road and in the verges.

“It’s horrible, right where people wait for the bus. It is a few people who are pig headed who let it it happen.”

Community councillor Phyllis Ellis said: “It is a problem we have been trying to fix it for over a year now. It can pose a serious risk to children’s health and can carry a disease that can make children quite ill.”

Toxocariasis is an infection caused by roundworm parasites which spreads to humans through infected faeces. It can affect young children, who are more likely to come into contact with contaminated soil and can lead to blindness.

Ysgol Gymuned Penisarwaun head Catrin Roberts said: “My concerns are for the children who have to walk along the path and street to get to school, the mess can pose a serious risk to health.

“The children designed posters to make people more aware.

“They have been up for about three months, but it seems people are just taking no notice.”

A Gwynedd Council spokesman said: “If you’re a dog owner, make sure you always carry poop-scoop bags when you walk your dog.

“Bagged dog mess can be put in any public bin or taken home and disposed of responsibly.”

Contact Gwynedd Council’s street enforcement team confidentially on 01766 771000 to report offences, or visit the council's ‘report a problem’ webpage. Email tidytowns@gwynedd.llyw.cymru for free bags.