GWYNNEDD Council has congratulated the county’s pupils on this year’s excellent GCSE results.

The percentage of pupils gaining grades A*- C (70.2per cent) has improved from last year and is higher than the figure for Wales (66.6per cent).

The figure for A* or A grades (21per cent) is also higher than the figure for Wales (19.4per cnet).

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Education said: "These results are good - the pupils are to be warmly congratulated. We want to see every pupil succeeding.

"I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work throughout the year.”

 Arwyn Thomas, head of education for Cyngor Gwynedd said: “GCSE results are very good this year and reflect the commitment of our young people. Many congratulations to them for their hard work and their success.

“It is pleasing to report that the percentage achieving grades A*- G (99.6 per cent) is very good and higher than the national average of 98.7 per cent. This reflects the emphasis placed in our schools on inclusion, equal opportunity and the success of pupils as individuals.

 “There has been a significant increase in the main indicator at GCSE which is 5A*-C including mathematics and English or Welsh .

"Our best ever figure last year of 63.3per cent has been surpassed this year and is at 68.46per cent at this early stage. This is something that pupils and their teachers should be very proud about."