AFTER weeks, even months, of non-stop electioneering, promises, pledges and mud-slinging, the time has finally come for voters to go to the polls. 

Those heading to the polling stations today (Thursday) will be faced with a choice of six candidates in Arfon, which covers Bangor, Caernarfon, Bethesda, Felinheli and surrounding areas, and six for Anglesey, which covers the entire island and Holyhead. 

Standing in Arfon are Plaid Cymru’s Hywel Williams, UKIP candidate Simon Wall, Lib Dem candidate Mohammed Shultan, Socialist Labour candidate Kathrine Jones, Conservative Anwen Barry and Labour candidate Alun Pugh. 

Running for the Anglesey seat are Labour MP Albert Owen, Plaid Cymru's John Rowlands, UKIP candidate Nathan Gill, Lib Dem Mark Rosenthal, Socialist Labour candidate Liz Screenand Conservative Michelle Willis. 

The 2010 boundary changes created a battleground between Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives in Gwynedd with the joining of Bangor and Caernarfon. 

Plaid Cymru had previously never represented Bangor, which was held by Conservative Wyn Roberts for 27 years and a further 13 under Labour’s Betty Williams, however, it has been more than 30 years since Caernarfon has been represented by anyone other than Plaid Cymru. 

Hywel Willaims of Plaid Cymru eventually took the seat, with a majority of 1,455 and is standing again to hold it this year. 

Ynys Mon has recently been a Labour stronghold, having held the seat for the last two elections and taken it from Plaid Cymru in 2001, all under Albert Owen who returns again this year to try and hold the seat. 

The 2010 elections saw Labour retain the seat with the largest majority since taking it, and the next closest parties, Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives, have both changed their candidates for this year’s election.