NUCLEAR power is a “dangerous route” and plans for a new power plant on Anglesey should be scrapped, according to the Wales Green Party.

The party said it remains firm on its anti-nuclear stance after a Welsh Government-funded report found last week that Wylfa Newydd could be worth £5.7 billion to the Welsh economy and create 6,800 jobs at its peak.

Wales Green Party Leader, Pippa Bartolotti, said: “We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to say no to nuclear, a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop any more toxic waste being manufactured, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop yet another foreign company making money out of a poisonous energy system which should by rights be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

The Greens argue Wales can rely entirely on clean renewable energy, and produce enough to export.

Ms Bartolotti added: “Wales can create all of the energy it needs from clean renewables, with plenty left over to gain income from exports.

“What are 875 jobs at Wylfa B compared to the thousands, which would be created from harnessing our own renewable energy?

“Scotland already has more than 11,000 people employed in its own energy revolution.

“Wales could do even better.

“Now is the time to stand up for the next generation and say no.”

According to the Greens, decommissioning of the first generation of nuclear power stations at sites including Trawsfynydd in Snowdonia will take an estimated 90 years to complete.

Welsh economy minister Edwina Hart described Wylfa Newydd as a “once in a generation opportunity” and urged companies in Wales to make the most of it.

Anglesey Council’s head of economic and community regeneration, Dylan Williams, said: “We on Anglesey County Council’s Energy Island Programme have certainly been working closely with key stakeholders and industry players for several years now to ensure that as much of that investment as possible is spent here on Anglesey.”