THE FIRST Minister of Wales spoke of his concerns and hopes for North Wales in the forthcoming general election.

The minister, Carwyn Jones AM, said he wants to see a strong group of Welsh Labour MPs influencing a Labour government to ensure Wales’ voice is heard in London.

He said: “From our point of view we need to have a Labour government in London working together with a Labour government in Wales.

“The response we had in Anglesey was excellent - we are fighting hard in Arfon and we’ve a very good candidate, a very good team and it is a seat I think we can do well in.

“Aberconwy - its a seat which historically has had three different parties representing it. Again, a very good team, a very good candidate.

“I’m confident that with a fair wind we can make gains here in the North.”

The minister expressed his concern for the UK’s place within Europe, and what could happen to thousands of jobs in North Wales if a Conservative government ‘gambled’ that to 'appease UKIP'.

He said: “When I speak to international businesses who are thinking about moving here to North Wales, the fact that we are part of two strong unions – the UK and the EU – gives them the confidence they need to come here and set up.

“A gamble on Europe is a gamble North Wales cannot afford.”

On the subject of the A55 the minister said that while unfortunate, roadworks and maintenance must be carried out in order to make the road robust, and that if the A55 was being constructed today it would not be done in the way it was when first built.