YOUR candidates for Ynys Mon:

Nathan Gill MEP (UKIP)

My message is simple: Believe in Britain.

For years we have had to stand by while the political elite denigrate our country.

They tell us that we should be ashamed of our history and our culture. I on the other hand am proud of what we have achieved and want to preserve our culture and heritage.

This election offers the people a real opportunity for CHANGE; the old two-party system is broke. In UKIP we believe that our government’s first responsibility is to the British people, not to the rest of the world.

Like many others I previously had to leave Anglesey because of the failure of the Labour and Conservative governments to create an economy and infrastructure in which businesses are free to innovate and create jobs.

And like many others I am also concerned about the future of our hospitals and schools under another Tory or Labour government.

If elected as the MP for Ynys Mon I would put the interests of local people first. UKIP are the only major party who allow elected representatives to vote for what works for local people, free from party control.

- I would vote for fairer funding for Wales.

- I would vote for more funding for our armed forced including RAF Valley.

- I would vote for the abolition of tuition fees for Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical degrees.

- I would vote to reduce taxes for all.

- I would vote to cut red tape for business so they can create more jobs. ?

John Rowlands (Plaid Cymru)

MY personal story is similar to many others as my parents lived here on Ynys Môn when I was born but because of the lack of work opportunities were forced to move away.

I worked for the Environment Agency for many years and before that in the BBC newsroom. I was also a teacher for 10 years after graduating in Geography.

I’ve been able to return here but many young people are not so fortunate. I will work tirelessly to develop our local economy.

We owe our young people the chance to stay and work on Anglesey and to contribute to living and vibrant communities in all corners of the island.

We must demand equal financial treatment with Scotland. If treated on an equal basis, Wales would receive £1.2bn extra per year in public funding.

The equivalent of £28m extra to support public services on Ynys Môn every year. Imagine the difference that money would make.

A vote for Plaid Cymru has never been more worthwhile. In a hung parliament, which is the prediction of most opinion polls, a strong team of Plaid Cymru MP’s will put our interests first and demand equality.

No one else on the ballot paper here in Ynys Môn is willing to make that case.

It is clear that Westminster isn’t working for Anglesey.

The only way to have real influence in Westminster is to send a Plaid Cymru MP to London to represent the island.

An MP who can put Anglesey first at all times without being tied to the London establishment parties.

Albert Owen (Labour)

Anglesey Labour MP Albert Owen was born and raised in the area. 

He is a Welsh speaker and is married with two grown-up daughters. 

A former merchant seafarer, Albert was first elected to Parliament in 2001 where he has built a reputation for working across party lines. 

Albert is a vice-president of the RNLI and a patron of a number of local charities. 

He said: “The forthcoming General Election is crucial for Ynys Môn. 

“It is not about protest but about making sure that Ynys Môn continues to be at the heart of the UK. 

“I have always put Ynys Môn first and I will continue to bring people together and work across the political divide in the interests of our communities. 

“I have led on major projects and campaigns to improve the lives of Anglesey residents and supported the establishment of a skills centre to train young people. 

“I will continue to work with businesses, local communities and charities to create a better society and promote the Island at every opportunity – Anglesey Day in Parliament is renowned for focusing attention on the Island and the Team Anglesey brand. 

“I will work with a Labour Government to create a fairer society through policies such as scrapping the Bedroom Tax and introducing a Mansion Tax on properties of over £2 million to fund more doctors and nurses in Wales. 

“I intend to take Ynys Môn to the heart of Government and to serve my home area and deliver a better Anglesey in which to work, live and visit.” 

Michelle Willis (Conservative) 

MICHELLE grew up on a farm in Rhoscolyn before moving to London to train as a nurse, 25 years ago.  

She returned to North Wales to work as a school nurse at Rydal Penrhos in Colwyn Bay and then as a staff nurse in the Accident & Emergency Department at Glan Clwyd Hospital. 

For the last 17 years Michelle has owned a domiciliary care agency on Anglesey, Carelink Homecare Services Ltd, employing over 100 staff on the island.  

The agency provides a service to older people, people with physical disabilities and people suffering from dementia in their own home. 

Michelle has a twelve year old son and shares similar concerns of other parents about their children's future, education and employment. 

Michelle said: “I am delighted that I have been selected to stand for the area where I grew up and where I now work.   

“As a businesswoman and mother I want to help local people and empower them to help themselves. 

“We have some great educational facilities in the area and there are already organisations on Ynys Môn which offer cultural and business support to communities on the island. 

“I would like to build on this excellent work and strive to ensure that everyone here has the opportunity to realise their potential." 

“Improving mobile phone coverage and transport links to attract businesses, allowing access to jobs. 

“Encouraging buying local produce, supporting our farming community against the supermarkets and promoting tourism I will always put Anglesey first not party politics.” 

Liz Screen (Socialist Labour Party) 

I am a life-long anti-nuclear activist and peace campaigner. 

I am a former language teacher, currently learning Welsh and living in mid-Wales. 

The proposed nuclear reactor at Wylfa is a threat to the safety and livelihoods of the people of Ynys Mon. A recent visit by the former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, accompanied by a former resident of Fukishima demonstrated the dangers to the local communities by these proposals. 

The vast sums of money spent on the nuclear industry should be used to fund renewable forms of energy. 

The current economic crisis has been caused by the greed of bankers and multi-national companies. 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The SLP would introduce a fair tax system enabling funds to be used for the benefit of people and their communities: investing in the NHS, education and public services. 

We would abolish all nuclear power, stop investment in Trident and stop involvement in wars abroad. 

Remember under the current coation: 

- One million rely on foodbanks 

- Millions face unemployment, zero hour contracts and Dickensian working conditions 

- This will not change under the policies of any of the mainstream parties. 

Mark Rosenthal (Liberal Democrat) 

Anglesey resident Mark Rosenthal, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, says he firmly believes in local participation and community enterprise, promoting less reliance on the state. 

Mark supports a fairer share of Investment for Infrastructure North Wales to develop greater job creation and a higher wage economy. 

He supports Liberal Democrats national policies helping families with continued tax cuts for the low paid and reducing tax avoidance/evasion. 

He wants to see effective global strategies for conflict resolution, including the recognition of Palestine and clamping down on environmental exploitation by multinational corporations. 

Mark’s Civil Engineering career started on UK road and river schemes before working on large Far and Middle East LNG and Oil projects. 

Back in the UK as a self employed IT consultant for a number of large companies including for BNFL’s data-warehousing project. 

Mark then ran a software company in Bangor developing data sharing systems, working with Bangor University and their KTP scheme. 

Mark believes that we must protect our environment on Anglesey, and the designer and builder of two eco-friendly houses is critical of the rising use of plastics and has been pleased the subject has received national news coverage. 

A keen sailor, he represented Wales racing catamarans in the Celtic Watersports Festival and is currently a regular racer at Holyhead Sailing Club. 

As a volunteer, Mark was involved in mini rugby, Refereed at North Wales District level and as a friend of the Anglesey Coastal Path can be seen beach cleaning around Anglesey. 

He and his wife Catharine also foster dogs for UK German Shepherd Rescue.