YOUR candidates for Arfon:

Alun Pugh (Labour)

Labour candidate for Arfon Alun Pugh is the son of a Welsh cole miner.

A finance graduate with post graduate qualifications in computer science and education, Mr Pugh moved to Gwynedd in 1992 to lead the business school at Coleg Llandrillo and now lives in Brynrefail.

"I will have only one priority as an MP,” he said.

“I will be working to get the best deal for Gwynedd.

“This is a highly marginal seat and I was Welsh Labour's candidate in 2010.

“Plaid's narrow win here five years ago helped put David Cameron in Downing Street, but did nothing for this part of North Wales."

Growing up in the industrial South Wales valleys, he spoke only English as a child, but learnt Welsh and German as an adult.

He left a successful 20 year career in further education in 1999 when he was elected to the National Assembly for Wales.

Upon his re-election in 2003, he was promoted to the Welsh Cabinet as Minister for Culture and the Welsh Language.

In that role, he extended the scope of legislation to protect and enhance the use of Welsh.

His wife, a double graduate of Bangor University, leads a team of specialist tutors working with children with autism.

More recently, Mr Pugh was Director of Cymdeithas Eryri, a Llanberis based environmental charity.

He is currently campaigning in the Arfon constituency on a full time basis.

Anwen Barry (Conservative)

ANWEN Barry is the Conservative candidate for Arfon.

Born and bred in North Wales, Mrs Barry has two sons, David and Adam, with her husband Richard and spent much of her life in the hotel and catering industry.

She attended Cefn Coch Primary School in Penrhyndeudraeth as a child before going on to Ysgol Ardudwy Secondary School in Harlech, later going on to study Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management at Llandrillo Technical College.

“The next few years I spent working in the hotel and catering industry,” she said.

“I then spent time overseas with my husband whilst he was serving with HM Forces, volunteering at the HIVE and then working at the NAAFI.

“After returning to the UK, when the boys were younger, I ran my own guest house.

“I was involved with running the Ti a Fi nursery group, then helped with the local Ysgol Feithrin before becoming treasurer and secretary of The Friends of Cefn Coch school.

“When my youngest son went to secondary school I went back to work. I currently work at Wilko’s in Porthmadog.

“I have been involved in several community projects and campaigns, most notably the campaign to save Harlech Pool from closure by Gwynedd Council.

“I was one of the initial founders of the action group formed to fight the closure of Harlech Pool.

“I later became company secretary and a voluntary director of Harlech & Ardudwy Leisure Ltd, the company formed to run Harlech pool for the community.”

Simon Wall (UKIP)

SIMON Wall is standing as the UKIP candidate for the Arfon constituency.

Here is his statement on what he hopes to achieve and what he represents.

“My message is clear and simple, we believe in a better britain and a better deal for wales,” said Mr Wall.

“This is a time of change and a real opportunity for ordinary people to tell the old party politicians that you have had enough.

“UKIP believe that the people of the uk come first and that public servants are accountable to the people of the uk, not the EU and the rest of the world.

“Having been born in Bangor and raised in Anglesey I left for a long period to pursue an education and career before moving back.

“Like so many other young people at the time the other parties failed to provide adequate opportunities to study and work in Wales, and failed to create the economy and infrastructure in which businesses are able to grow and create jobs.

“Sadly this is still the case for many people.

“If elected as the MP for Arfon I would put the needs of local people and businesses first.

“UKIP are the only major party who allow elected representatives to vote for what works for local people free from party control.

“As your elected representative I would fight for:

• Keeping your hard-earned money in the uk.

• A better education system.

• A better NHS.

• Cutting red tape for businesses.

• Reducing and simplifying taxes.”

Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru)

HYWEL Williams was elected as the MP for the Arfon constituency in 2010, and before that he was MP for the Caernarfon seat from June 2001 onwards.

He is standing to retain his seat as the Plaid Cymru candidate in this year’s election.

“In May we have a real chance to make our vote count,” he said.

“This time Plaid Cymru may hold the balance of power and be able to force the government to give Arfon and Wales a fighting chance.

“The difference between Plaid Cymru and the Westminster parties is now even clearer.

“Plaid have opposed billions of pounds worth of Tory cuts.

“I led the vote for Plaid against the Trident nuclear weapon. Both times Labour joined the Tories; voting for more devastating cuts and more nuclear bombs.

“When Plaid Cymru wins, Wales is strong.

“We’ve led the way.

“Fighting for fair funding for Wales; opposing cruel welfare cuts and leading the way on pioneering laws against stalking and domestic violence.

“I’ll be fighting for more jobs for the people of Arfon; fighting to keep our core services at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

“No more moving clinics eastwards.

“Plaid Cymru has a positive alternative for Arfon and for Wales.

“With clear plans to secure fair funding, deliver a living wage and recruit a 1000 extra doctors.

“Make Wales matter in May.

“Vote Plaid Cymru.”

Mohammed Shultan (Lib Dem)

BANGOR Businessman Mohammed Shultan is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Arfon.

The Bangor City councillor is a well-known and respected businessman from Bangor, where he has lived for nearly 40 years.

He has run a number of successful restaurants in the city and the surrounding areas, and is married and the couple have six children, who were all born in Bangor and educated locally.

Well known in the community, Mohammed is a Councillor on Bangor City Council for the Hendre Ward and is vice-chairman of the Gwynedd a Môn Liberal Democrats. Mohammed is active in the local Mosque and is also vice-chairman of the Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council in UK; Chester and North Wales Region, and a former chairman of the Bangor Welfare Association.

Both organisations work to help people in need.

Local Lib Dem party chairman, Mike Clements, said: “I am delighted that Mohammed has been selected.

“He is a very dedicated and enthusiastic campaigner who is committed to doing the very best for the people of Arfon.”

Kathrine Jones (Socialist Labour)

Kathrine Jones is the Socialist Labour Party candidate for Arfon.

She has lived in Bethesda for ten years and worked as a residential support worker for nine years in hostels in Newbury, Bangor and Colwyn Bay.

Working as an artist before that, she also campaigned against Cruise and Trident nuclear weapons at Greenham Common Womens Peace Camp for 17 years.

She has learnt Welsh to the higher level as a second language and stood for parliamentary election in 1997 and 2001 and was an agent in the 2005 election.

“I am standing for the health and safety of all the people of Gwynedd,” she said.

“I am standing against the plan to build Wylfa B, and against storing nuclear waste at the site on Anglesey for up to 150 years,

“I am against the Cuts and the Bedroom Tax because we should not have to pay for the crisis.

“Billions of pounds were given to the banks from 2008 by the then Westminster Government of the Labour Party, not one was nationalised.

“Years of austerity by a Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government has made matters worse.

“I want fairer funding for Wales, and make the demand for equality of spending on education for pupils,equal to the pupils in England.

“There is a difference of £18,000 per class every year.

“I support the National Health Service, and good access to health care for the people of Gwynedd.

“I believe strongly in the regeneration of communities with affordable housing and real job creation.

“We desperately need this regeneration.

“The Socialist Labour Party supports the right to vote about Independence for Wales.

“I am standing for peace and equality and against the cuts.”