I’VE HAD lots more tenants coming to see me about the bedroom tax.

Some didn’t know they’d have to pay a penalty just for having a spare room.

Others knew, but were shocked that it’s around £14 for one spare room and £20 for two.

A disabled man told me he has to use the tiny spare room to keep his wheelchairs.
Another man lives on £72.40 per week.

He’s now losing £19.50. This is a huge cut to his very small income.

Someone else has looked and looked for a smaller place.

He can’t find a one-bedroom flat locally, he can’t move out of the area, he’s working.

He’d lose his job.

An older man has lived in the same house all his life.

It’s his home, and his parents were tenants before him. He has to pay up.

Let’s be clear, it’s the government forcing this through - Gwynedd Council has no choice.

They have a small hardship fund, but that will soon be gone.

They say that Margaret Thatcher knew the exact price of carrots but had no idea of their value.

The people who invented the spare bedroom penalty may know the price of a house.

But they have no idea of the value of a home. It just doesn’t fit the way normal people here live their lives.