ANTI nuclear campaigners have criticised the Welsh Government’s decision to support the development of a new power station on Anglesey.

The government has published a document entitled Energy Wales, in which it confirms its commitment to supporting the proposed Wylfa B plant.

The final decision on whether to press ahead with the plant, which will be located at the current Wylfa site near Cemaes Bay and built by Horizon Nuclear Power, will be made by the Westminster Government but campaigners from the People Against Wylfa B (PAWB) group had been hoping the Welsh Government would voice its opposition to nuclear power.

The document states: “The development of the Horizon nuclear new build (Wylfa B) is a vital component of not just the Anglesey Energy Island programme but of our wider energy future in providing a constant energy source to complement the intermittency of renewable sources.

“There are undoubtedly risks associated with nuclear power but the risks posed by climate change are now so serious that we cannot dispense with a key proven low-carbon technology.”

“This development also offers significant long-term economic benefits to Anglesey and North Wales in general with the potential to contribute £2.34 billion to the economy over the period to 2025.”

PAWB spokesman Dylan Morgan said the decision, which comes in the week of the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear crisis that followed the Japanese tsunami, represented a disappointing U-turn.

“Two years ago the Welsh Government stated quite clearly that plans for renewable energy obviated the need for any nuclear power station,” he said.

“That still applies.

“We were quietly optimistic that the Assembly Government would concentrate all its efforts on promoting renewable energy.

“We still think that is the only sane and safe way forward.”

Meanwhile, Horizon Nuclear Power, the company behind the plant, are due to hold a consultation surgery in Cemaes Village Hall on Monday, March 19.

The open surgery, between 1pm and 7pm, will allow residents to ask any questions they may have about the Wylfa B proposals.