North Wales Police Federation secretary hits back at critics

Published date: 11 April 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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THE secretary of the North Wales Police Federation has hit back at critics who constantly condemn the police service and ignore the excellent work done by the majority of officers.

Writing in the latest edition of the Federation’s newsletter Your Voice Richard Eccles says: “Sadly, in recent times there has been little positivity around the efforts of police officers across the UK as they strive to deliver a high-quality of service to their communities.

His comments follow several incidents in which officers have come under attack, including the Plebgate affair and Hillsborough disaster.

Mr Eccles says: “It seems at times that the police are in fact the constant recipients of the kicks and punches, often well below the belt, from certain sections of the media, politicians, the IPCC and any other group seeking to generate a headline at the expense of others.

“There is no doubt there is a great deal worth celebrating about the police service both locally and nationally.

“Yes, at times we make mistakes; yes, at times we see officers acting outside of the rules; yes, at times we cannot deliver the service that is desired, When any of that happens there are investigations and reviews to try to put things right or even punish those involved.”

But he goes on: “We must never lose sight of the fact policing is a vocation carried out by hardworking and dedicated officers striving to do their best in the face of criticism, violence and diminishing resources.”

Mr Eccles says he hopes that colleagues will see through the “cheap, negative headlines” and look at the positives.

“It is sad that our critics cannot out into context the huge amount of outstanding work that is done compared to the odd slip of standards.

“Hopefully, whilst this trial by headline continues we can together carry on writing our own headlines which are more accurate and reflective of the policing picture across North Wales.”

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