Holyhead schoolgirl to take on 12,000 ft skydive

Published date: 06 February 2014 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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16 year-old Chloe Jones is aiming to raise more than £1,000 in support of Alopecia UK. 

A THRILLSEEKING Holyhead teenager is to jump 12,000 feet out of an aeroplane for charity.

16 year-old Chloe Jones, who was diagnosed with alopecia in 2011, is hoping to raise more than £1,000 from a planned the skydive in support of Alopecia UK.

Within days of planning the skydive, the Holyhead High School student had already raised more than £500 in sponsors.

Chloe said: “I’ve had alopecia for nearly three years, and Alopecia UK have been a good support, so that’s why I want to give something back.

“They have mothers whose daughters also have alopecia, so I got to talk with them, and with the ambassador Sue Hampton. She came to my school just after I was diagnosed with it.”

“The best way to deal with it was to tell everybody and be open about it, because some people were horrible to start out when I started wearing a bandana. But now everyone is fine about it.”

Despite being unphased about leaping out of a moving plane at 12,000ft, Chloe admits the jump will test her tolerance of heights to the limit.

She added: “I’m quite nervous about it now. I’m alright with heights, I’ve done high-ropes courses, but that’s not really high compared to what I’m going to do.

“I said to my mum, I’d rather do the highest jump. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it from the highest point!”

Chloe’s mum, Barbara, said: “We’ve booked it now so she’s going to go through with it. She’s braver than me!”

Chloe is due to take the plunge on April 25, at Tilstock Airfield, in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

To sponsor Chloe’s skydive, visit www.justgiving.com/ChloeeJones.

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