Beaumaris flood defences approved

Published date: 10 January 2014 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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Beaumaris has been susceptible to flooding in the past. 

PLANS for new flood defences in Beaumaris have been approved by the town council.

Councillors have opted for option two - a metre-high fixed wall on the seaward side of the Beaumaris green promenade - after being given four different options in the flood alleviation plan by Anglesey County Council engineers.

Beaumaris flood warden and town councillor, Jason Zalot, said: “The metre high wall buys so much time and it’ll act as a sea defence.

“Three times over the last few weeks the green has been flooded, and had that been in place, it wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s very, very cleverly thought out and I can only commend Ynys Mon (Council) on what they’re doing.

“There’s going to be a need for the defences one day. It’s definitely going to happen.”

Historically, parts of the town have been subjected to flood problems.

However, in recent years these problems have increased as a result of both heavy rainfall and high tides and waves.

The areas worst affected include Castle Street, the B5109, the A545, Wexham Street, Church Street, Rating Row and lower parts of the town centre, resulting in flooding to both residential and commercial properties.

Town mayor cllr Dan Jones, said: “The Green is a visually sensitive area and we always bear this in mind when considering any changes.

“It is also a vital economic facility for the town, its residents and the important tourist trade.

“We concluded that option two offered the most practical means of both preventing future flooding and ensuring the safe efficient management of the car park on Beaumaris Green.”

Councillor Richard Dew, Highways, Property and Waste Management portfolio holder, said: “This flood alleviation project will have an important role to play in ensuring Beaumaris is kept as secure as possible from flooding for years to come.

“We will continue to work in partnership with Beaumaris Town Council on this scheme and will shortly submit the necessary planning application.”

Having gained town council approval and held public consultations, Anglesey council are now waiting to hear whether a funding application to the Welsh Government to carry out the improvements will be successful.

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