Calls to replace lollipop man at "dangerous" Holyhead crossroads

Published date: 12 December 2013 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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Angharad Rhodes is a 10-year old pupil at Ysgol y Parc. 

The crossroads on Newry Street is a busy crossing for Ysgol y Parc pupils. 

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A HOLYHEAD councillor has warned Anglesey Council that their refusal to replace a lollipop man at a “dangerous” crossroads will put the lives of schoolchildren at risk.

Holyhead Town Councillor, John Knox-Crawford, has begun a petition to lobby the council to change a policy which states that there are no plans to replace the school’s long-serving traffic attendant, who is retiring.

The lollipop man escorted the pupils of Ysgol y Parc across the road at the town’s busy Newry Street crossroads.

Cllr Knox-Crawford said: “We have a problem in Holyhead. There is a very dangerous crossing and our lollipop man is not to be replaced.

“I’m not a scaremongerer, but it will be dangerous. It’s got to be stopped, otherwise children will be killed.

"There are some school crossing which don’t matter as much, but here there is a bend on the crossroads, and the children cannot cross it alone.

“There is a serious problem with the corner. It’s going to lead to injuries and deaths eventually.

“If it’s a safety issue, it’s got to take precedence over cash. How much is a child’s life worth?

"Sometimes you have to spend and this is an occasion where it is fully necessary.”

Lynda Rhodes, mother of 10 year-old Ysgol y Parc pupil Angharad, who is registered blind, said: “It’s essential to have someone at the crossing for all the children in the area, it’s very important.

“I couldn’t let Angharad walk to school by herself, but now she won’t go on that crossing anyway without anyone there.

“In years to come, just knowing someone else was there would help.”

An Anglesey council spokesperson said: “All schools on the Island were assessed in line with School Crossing Patrol Guidelines issued by LAROSA (Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association) in 2008.

“These guidelines are used to determine whether a school crossing patrol is needed to ensure children can safely cross roads to and from school.

“Ysgol Y Parc scored considerably less than the target for a school crossing patrol and – in line with our policy – a decision has been taken not to retain a crossing attendant when the incumbent left the post.
“The same criteria will be applied should any further school crossing patrol sites on the island become vacant.”

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