Couple back home for Christmas

Published date: 24 December 2012 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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A ST Asaph couple have recovered from the devastation of the floods to be among the first to move back into their home.

Jason Jones and partner Emma Davies, both 22, were among the worst affected when the city was ravaged by last month’s disastrous floods with nearly five feet of water submerging their home.

The couple, who rent their house on Mill Street, were forced to leave their home when the severity of the situation dawned on them.

But just four weeks on, they are one of the first to be able to return to their property, after weeks of tireless work.

Jason said: “It was unbelievable.

“When the warning was given I was sat on my bed having a bit of a laugh really
“But seeing the water come up to our doorstep brought it home, and at that point we said ‘enough was enough’, and left before it got worse.

“It’s been very hard, and our emotions have been all over the place.
“We’re quite lucky to be the first ones to be back, but it’s not going to be the same without everybody else.

“I’ve been speaking to one of our neighbours and they said they won’t be moving for another six months.”

Builders from Tony Roberts and Son Ltd arrived at the home on the Friday following the floods, where they have totally transformed the house.

“The kitchen’s been gutted and all the walls have been re-plastered.

“They’ve really pulled out all the stops to get it done, and they’ve done such an amazing job, and we’re just so grateful to them.

“It’s nice to be back at home for Christmas.

“To have a roof over our head at this time of year is such a relief.”

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