Cannabis factory in disused Bangor railway tunnels

Published date: 06 December 2012 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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The disused tunel (left of the picture) was where the cannabis factory was found. 


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POLICE have welcomed the jail terms handed to two men who built a £2million drugs factory on the outskirts of Bangor.

Retired builder and great grandad Gerald Davies, of Craig y Don Road, Bangor, and Kenneth John Vincent, 59, a buildings designer from York Terrace, Beaumaris, were each jailed for three years and four months, after they admitted to porducing cannabis and conspiring to supply the class B drug.

As part of Operation Gumshoe, an intelligence lead investigation, police seized the pair's concealed laboratories in one of the biggest drug busts in North Wales Police history.

Supt Peter Newton Divisional Commander for Gwynedd and Ynys Mon said: “It is clear this group of criminals went to extreme and complex lengths not just to manufacture and set up the factory but also the work undertaken to conceal their illegal activity.

“I am also confident this also shows that no matter how complex and clandestine drugs dealers think they are being we have the resources, technology and determination to find them out. We also have the support of the community, who like us, want to rid the area of drug producers and suppliers.
"We will continue to disrupt all those concerned in every level of this criminality and reinforce the robust stance of North Wales Police.”

The factories are thought to be among the biggest set-up of their kind ever seen in north Wales.

It was capable of producing up to 1200 cannabis plants every six weeks – with a street value of £255,000.

The scale of the factory was even bigger than a similar operation seized in the underground tunnels of Rome in August, which produced 900 plants at a time.

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  1. Posted by: blaenau2000 at 16:29 on 08 December 2012 Report

    Please not let us forget that, Alcohol and tobacco are DRUGS. And much more dangerous than Cannabis. If the police really believe that communities want them to bust down doors and enter with dogs and weapons to criminalise Cannabis smokers who are no harm to society they are sadly mistaken and out of touch with their communities. Alcohol is Bangors biggest problem, and usually there are victim involved. The police need to wake up and smell the coffee. Do a vote the truth will amaze you.

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