Low voter turnout in police commissioner elections

Published date: 16 November 2012 |
Published by: Rachel Roberts
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Voter turnout was disappointing 

DISAPPOINTING voter turnout figures have been revealed as the count gets under way to determine who will be North Wales' next Police and Crime Commissioner.
The total votes cast from a possible 524,252 electorate across North Wales came to 79,906, meaning a turnout average of 15.2%.  
Just 13.3% of the electorate voted in Flintshire, with only Wrexham showing an even lower interest in the election with a 12.2% turnout.
Conwy came in at 16%, Denbighshire votes totalled 16.7%, Gwynedd voters made up 17.7%, with Anglesey having the strongest figure at 17.8% of the votes.
Voter apathy has been a concern for the election since its inception, and today's figures seem to confirm it.
Jenny Watson, Chair of the Electoral Commission, said: "The low turnout at the Police and Crime Commissioner elections is a cincern for everyone who cares about democracy.
"These were new elections taking place at an unfamiliar time of year, which is why we have made clear at every stage that it would be important to engage effectively with voters.
"The Government took a number of decisions about how to run these elections that we did not agree with. But what is important now is that the right lessons are learnt; we will talk to voters, candidates and Returning Officers to understand and what didn't.
"The Commission is going to undertake a thorough review, and we will rpesent out findings to Parliament in early 2013."


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  1. Posted by: slparry at 13:58 on 16 November 2012 Report

    The low turnouts are because the public are sick and tired of too many calls to vote and that despite which way you vote there is never any real change. Politicians et al are all self serving individuals that primarily serve themselves, secondarily may serve their party and thirdly may consider the public but only if it can enhance any of the previous two! Too many of them with their snouts in the trough!

  2. Posted by: alidyl73 at 14:04 on 16 November 2012 Report

    Well said slparry! We are all sick and tired of politicians and Councillors who are there to feather their own nests and follow their own agenda. They have no care whatsoever frot he people who put them there. To them, we are just the mugs who pay the taxes!!!

  3. Posted by: oneof150 at 18:46 on 16 November 2012 Report

    UKIP ' S Vote is getting more with each election no matter what for ! one day one day :)

  4. Posted by: a cahill at 18:49 on 16 November 2012 Report

    A good lesson for tactical voting.....the lower the tun out the less chance the 3 main parties will romp home....and a wake up call for all politicians.... if the voter apathy continues on into local and parliamentary elections then not one of them can claim to have a mandate to rule

  5. Posted by: leaderreader at 19:19 on 16 November 2012 Report

    No one is interested in this, that’s why it was a very low turnout. But if we had a vote for an in-out referendum it would be a very high turnout, bring it on. UKIP all the way.

  6. Posted by: liberty1 at 20:00 on 19 November 2012 Report

    No doubt the people who will whinge most in the future regards the PCC/law and order will be those who could not be bothered getting off their backsides to vote.

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