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Published date: 09 January 2013 |
Published by: Reporter
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With the advent of Big Society and with new opportunities for charities and organisations, employers in this field are looking for creative, entrepreneurial people to help charities express their vision and connect with an audience in new and innovative ways. If taking on a job which will make a real difference in people's lives appeals to you, read on. These five tips will set you on your way towards dream Charity jobs.

1. Think about which sector works for you. If you're searching for Charity jobs or Third Sector jobs then it's worth thinking about what sector you want to go for. Whether it be a charity working with young people, a sports foundation or an environmental campaigning group - think hard about where you'd like to work and where your skills might fit. The charitable sector often involves organisations seeking people with key skills that they lack. What transferable skills exist from your own background. Make sure people get to know about them.

2. Prepare a great CV. This is often the first impression people will get of you. Present and design the CV well, think about how it is received and what information people will read first. Include space for a specifically tailored paragraph linking your skills to the job you're applying to. Write a short personal statement at the end and make sure the CV stays on two pages. Use current or recent information, showing you're living in the now as opposed to the past.

3. Find a website that opens doors for you. Third Sector Jobs are one such website well worth a visit. Many opportunities will now be found online and keeping abreast of opportunities as well as researching the sector this way is key.

4. Understand who you're applying to. This is vital for Charity jobs. Who is the charity you're applying to. How did they start? What was and is their vision? Who do they work with? What are their goals? Are they the only ones working in this specific area or is there any competition? Whether you're applying to run finances or to be a front-line worker, understanding who they are what makes them tick is vital. Expect at interview to be grilled in this area. These people may well love the charity they work for.

5. Invest something of yourself. Charities and third-sector organisations play a vital role. Often they start with one person caring about an issue or group of people and seeking to do something to change their lives. Remember this as you apply. Try and get into the heart of the organisation. Allow yourself to connect with the issue they campaign for. If you get the job, it's going to become central to you.

Although many charities are struggling financially right now, charity jobs and third sector jobs remain posts which are regularly advertised. Charities are seeking people to renew them for this new era - could that be you?

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