GAME REVIEW: WWE 13 (Xbox 360)

Published date: 09 December 2012 |
Published by: Geraint Jones
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THE latest release in the WWE wrestling game series challenges players to “live the revolution.”

WWE 13, however, is hardly a revolutionary step in gaming history and often harks back to the worst aspects of PS2 and original Xbox titles.

That said, there is still a lot to enjoy in THQ’s latest wrestling title, starting with the new Atittude Era mode.

This single player story mode follows key moments in the former WWF’s late 90s boom period, and it is certainly an atmospheric experience.

However, the glitches and poor AI which have plagued WWE titles for years have yet to be eradicated, and are all the more frustrating when they hinder your progress.

The WWE Universe mode includes more cut scenes, but some freezing issues have been reported on forums

The wrestling itself is fine, but the poor commentary and bugs become more evident with extended play.

On the plus side, there are plenty of moves to choose from, and the already labyrinthine creation suite has been expanded yet again with improvements to the Create-an-Arena option.

You can also post your created content online for others to download, as well as downloading others’ creations from the much improved online interface.

This yea’s character roster is huge, although alternate versions of the same character make up many of the new additions.

However, with plenty of DLC packs set for release, the game’s shelf life is set to be longer than ever.

Unfortunately, WWE 13 falls short in many respects, but still provides gamers with a fun and memorable experience.

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